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Our Story

Ryan, the founder of EXCELLENT, is an avid cyclist and has been working in the cycling industry since graduating from college. After years of immersion in the bicycle parts industry, he still has a passion for cycling. He never loses his initial ambition. The increase in his work experience has made him want to be a part of the bicycle industry even more.
After a long time of communicating with a variety of customers, both down to the end customer and up to the manufacturer's suppliers, there are always a lot of situations, that need to SAY NO. Inevitably, this is because of the market demand, bike manufacturing can only meet the needs of most buyers, and a portion of the customers who genuinely love to ride, desire to understand, and indeed have a love for E-bicycles are rejected, their professional customization needs are often rejected because of the MOQ, cost price, no acquaintance with the manufacturer and so on.
Ryan's dual role as both the rejected party and the rejecting party was a source of great inner regret. The event that really caused the shift came in 2018 when he stumbled across an email from the leader of a particular Canadian fleet of e-bikes.
It was a request from a team leader in Canada who needed customized electric mountain bikes for their entire fleet, and the request was unequivocal and professional, with words that revealed sincerity and earnestness. The result, naturally, was that the email was ignored and not treated as it should have been. And this team's customization request went unanswered, with no idea if they ever found the bikes they needed.
Ryan's regret is not so much the loss of a hidden customer but the sadness he carries as someone who loves to ride. There may have been many reasons for the team, but many cyclists always desired to have a fun ride. With the concept of "making things happen" in mind, Ryan realized he had to make a move. And so the brand EXCELLENT was born, which stands for Good to Great, Extreme Excellence. The idea behind the brand, and the idea that we've always carried through, do as one pleases,is that anyone who loves to ride should be able to do what they want, or at least shouldn't be able to get the bike they want.
We started from the need to satisfy the market and at the same time give a chance to that small group of people who have been neglected. Our goal is to build a community where everyone who loves to ride can communicate with each other, either by thinking of modifications to make riding smoother, recalling why they got hooked on riding and fell in love with their e-bikes, or just sharing the simple and cherished feeling of being happy to ride a bike.

From the brand's inception, Ryan focused on developing his best e-bike. With a strong desire to make the best use of his talents, he recruited a team of talented engineers to research energy conversion and drive control technologies. He also recruited many domestic experienced procurement staff, for the first time to grasp the market supply of a variety of materials, and strive to provide customers with better quality, better price products, all efforts are to implement the concept of our brand EXCELLENT, that is, for the good on the good, the ultimate excellence.

Our Brands

After 8 years of cultivation, the company has experienced rapid growth. We have established electric bicycle production and R&D centers in Canada and China. Additionally, we provide e-bike design and OEM services for other brands in overseas markets. Now, it has developed into a mature industry and trade-integrated electric bike supplier that combines research and development, production, and sales. It utilizes a robust supply chain and efficient logistics network to deliver top-notch services to customers.
We have established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with numerous retailers and agents. We have obtained the ISO 9001 and SC quality system certifications and have successfully passed factory inspections conducted by major supermarket customers such as Walmart, as well as third-party inspections in Europe and the United States. So far, we have supplied parts and complete bikes to more than 50 medium and high-end E-bicycle brands.

Company Strength

At present, the company occupies an area of 300 acres, with a manufacturing facility spanning 35,000 square meters and a core team of 50 employees.
It is equipped with a sophisticated automatic voltage PVC PP quickly molding machine, an automatic quick production line, an automatic die-cutting machine, a printing machine, an imported leather shell machine, a PP extracting material board-making machine, and other advanced equipment. Additionally, it has 5 production lines.
We focus on creating high-quality, stylish electric bicycles to provide customers with personalized and customized services. We offer OEM/ODM services, allowing customers to customize products based on their samples and drawings. Our products and services have received high praise from customers in Europe, the United States, and other overseas markets.


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