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EC-11 Electric City Bike

Battery capacity:
Speed class:
Shimano 9 Speed Cassette
Power supply:
Lithium Battery
Charging time:
5-6 hours
Gross weight:
Brilliant performance Extraordinary Unmistakable style Plenty of great technology Superior comfort
RadRover Electric Fat Bike Version 5key feature 1

Increase your safety

Great design: Electric bicycle headlight with switch ON/OFF, one button turn ON/OFF. Electric bike headlight with Aluminum housing, good heat dissipation, ensure the headlight works great.
Increase your safety: The e-bike headlight is powerful, it will increase your visibility to the vehicles surrounding you in the dark. Electric bicycle headlight output is focused, looks bright, and does not dazzle other participants on road.

Shock absorption

When the cycle seat is stressed or riding on a bumpy road, its shock absorption will help you avoid pain and soreness, and the seat shape is great for tailbone relief. The best choice for long-distance trips or extended workouts.

RadRover Electric Fat Bike Version 5key feature 2
RadRover Electric Fat Bike Version 5key feature 3


SOLID&STURDY:Rear rack made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, coupled with stainless steel screws to help you ride freely on rainy days or humid conditions. Two “W” shape sidebars effectively protect your bag from scratching by the wheel or spokes and also protect your safety.
FUNCTIONAL: Upgrade loading system cargo rack can carry 110 lbs to 165 lbs, perfect for carrying some stuff on your trip, work commute, even carry the people. The adjustable structure allows you to adjust the rack length as you wanted and the telescopic rods can be stretched 3-15cm to fit your bike frames.

High-quality materials

Made of high-quality materials, 3D forging process, lightweight, high-quality surface anodized.
Suitable for road bikes and mountain bikes.
This structure does not compress the bearing, so the bearing can run very smoothly. And eliminates the creaking of traditional press-fit bottom brackets.
Smooth rotation, easy installation, and operation, which makes pedaling more labor-saving-Provides more force transmission from the pedal.

RadRover Electric Fat Bike Version 5key feature 4
RadRover Electric Fat Bike Version 5key feature 4

Smooth Lubrication

Strong Rally -- special forging steel, double X bridge design, improves the tensile and torsional strength of the chain, variable speed fluency improvement. compatible with various shifting systems.
Smooth Lubrication -- Surface polishing, internal oiling, smooth lubrication. anti-rust, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant and durable

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