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EC-12 Electric Folding Bike

Battery capacity:
Speed class:
Power supply:
Lithium Battery
Charging time:
5-6 hours
Gross weight:
Dark green
Brilliant performance Extraordinary Unmistakable style Plenty of great technology
RadRover Electric Fat Bike Version 5key feature 1

Durable Material

This bicycle seat has been Durable Material- The MTB pedals are made of aluminum alloy, which has been strengthened and upgraded by various processes to achieve high quality, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance.
Anti-Slip Pins- Each bike pedal's surface has 8 anti-slip pins. The cleat's friction has greatly increased, and will not damage the soles!

Balance, Speed, Power

Balance, Speed, Power - Designed using a revolutionary Triple Triangle Frame using actual carbon steel to ensure greater balance, support, and riding performance. Reach speeds of up to 20mph and race through muddy mountain trails, crowded city streets, and local parks.

RadRover Electric Fat Bike Version 5key feature 2
RadRover Electric Fat Bike Version 5key feature 3

Adjustable handlebar & stem

Adjustable handlebar stem for additional comfort. Choose the high angle for comfort riding and steering control, or go the lower angle for speed and less wind resistance.

Cog Material

Cog Material: Nickel-plated, Carrier Material: High Tensile Steel. which makes a good balance between strength and weight.

RadRover Electric Fat Bike Version 5key feature 2

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