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EC-07 New Electric Bicycle

Battery capacity:
Speed class:
Shimano ARDTX800 8Speed Cassette
Power supply:
Lithium Battery
Charging time:
5-6 hours
Gross weight:
Light green
Brilliant performance Extraordinary Unmistakable style Plenty of great technology
RadRover Electric Fat Bike Version 5key feature 1

High-quality eMTB

High-quality eMTB that was designed with the utmost care and attention to detail, comes with 27.5” wheels, a 16.5ah battery. The motor and battery are seamlessly integrated into the frame, achieving a fully closed waterproof and dustproof IP54 level. Besides being very powerful, the motor features a progressive Smart Assist mode, which dynamically adjusts the support level to suit the riding situation and thereby making it unnecessary to shift gears in flat terrain.

Strong adaptability

We tested the EC-07 around our headquarters and put it through its paces on dry as well as very rainy days, EC-07 never blocks you, whether it's off-road hills, jungle trails or city roads, snow, and beaches.

RadRover Electric Fat Bike Version 5key feature 2
RadRover Electric Fat Bike Version 5key feature 3

Strong bearing capacity

The supporting structure at the bottom of the universal design extra large bicycle seat is made of plastic and high-elastic metal material, has high hardness and strong bearing capacity.

Stable & Anti-skidding&Safety

This brake lever has a new and innovative design. Whether it's the handle or the brake controller, the surface is very smooth, giving a comfortable feeling, making your electric bicycle brake very easy.
Electric bicycle is very fast, but you need to have a good brake rod and brake line. The brake rod can cut off the battery current in case of emergency, save energy and protect personal safety.

RadRover Electric Fat Bike Version 5key feature 4

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