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EC-10 Electric Motorized Bicycle

Battery capacity:
Speed class:
Shimano ARDTX800 8Speed Cassette
Power supply:
Lithium Battery
Charging time:
5-6 hours
Gross weight:
Brilliant performance Extraordinary Unmistakable style Plenty of great technology
RadRover Electric Fat Bike Version 5key feature 1

Maximum constant discharge current

Maximum constant discharge current: 20AH, the large-capacity battery makes the bicycle long-lasting; it also features long cycle life, which is more than 3 times longer than lead-acid; The charging time is about 3~5 hours, riding time per charge under ideal conditions: 30 KM; Moreover, the charge cycle 800-1000 times, the life expectancy of up to 3-5 years.

Sleek and modern

EC-10 comes with head and taillights to help improve visibility in low-light conditions. LED lights on the battery to add to the sleek, modern look and turn on from the handlebar controller, for four different options: headlight only, headlight and battery light, battery light only, or off. Full coverage front and rear fenders help to protect you from dirt and splashes.

RadRover Electric Fat Bike Version 5key feature 2
RadRover Electric Fat Bike Version 5key feature 3

High-quality Motor

750W GEAR MOTOR- Brushless geared hub motor Strong power High-efficiency Quieter, lighter, smoother. Provide enough power for your daily outings and beach trips. The maximum speed of 20 mph gets you to your destination faster and reduces unnecessary time spent on the road.

Quality puncture-resistant fat tires

Long-lasting tires for a smooth, steady riding experience. The extra width is designed for off-road biking to give you more stability and control when riding on soft, unstable terrain

RadRover Electric Fat Bike Version 5key feature 2

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