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E-Bikes Are Good For Elders And Seniors
October 21, 2020
E-bikes are good for elders and seniors
No one can deny the age-related decline of muscle strength and functional fitness over time. Senile weaknesses are inevitable whether you keep yourself physically active or inactive. Yet there is a possibility to maintain a certain level of physical strength by adopting a few continuous low-impact exercises like stretching, walking, cycling, etc. Cycling offers a variety of health benefits ranging from strengthening your lower body to boosting your brain power.
Gasoline bikes are doing good but seniors are just hooked on electric bikes these days. E-bikes likes are easier to manage than four-wheelers, and also faster to ride than stationary two-wheelers. They work much the same as traditional bicycles but you can give a break to your tired legs using motor-assisted pedaling. You have the choice to pick the required assist level to pedal with less effort than before.
The electric bike is now becoming a favorite pick of seniors due to its secure ride, comfy sitting, and enjoyable experience. VELOWAVE is presenting you with the most favored senior-friendly electric bikes to get you back on the roads. Let us satisfy you with these research-based statements that e-bikes are a perfect fit for elderly people to boost fitness at this advanced age.

E-bikes are gentler on your muscles and joints
E-biking helps your leg muscles to relax without overstressing your joints. Elderly people are more prone to mobility issues like muscle weakness, fatigue, joint pain, unsteadiness, stiffness, and swelling in joints. These issues might hinder arthritis patients from cycling but e-biking has surpassed these problems by offering a gentler and more comfortable ride. Likewise, the muscles got affected by Parkinson's disease, and researchers found that e-biking seems to be a practical solution to alleviate symptoms of Parkinsonism.
Cycling has not been the most friendly sport in the aging community but that paradigm shifted quickly after the launch of e-bikes. According to a survey, more than 32% of riders have purchased e-bikes to enjoy the less strenuous rides in hilly areas. No more physical exertion on a long haul or uphill rides, thanks to the aided rides.

E-bikes put a positive impact on the mental well-being
Older individuals also experience some sort of cognitive impairment disorder. But did you know, that e-biking works very well to improve their psychological well-being and intellectual activities? Research studies depict a close connection between cognitive abilities and aerobic exercises. E-biking allows you to roam here and there, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the scenery during your rides.
A research study was conducted to find out the level of mental effects that appear in the senior users of stationary and electric bikes. Both the manual pedal group and e-bike group show the same level of cognitive improvement, though the elder people claim to experience easier outdoors with e-biking than with ordinary biking. One of the reasons eBike users tend to spend more time cycling than stationary bike riders.

E-biking lowers the occurrence of cardiac issues
Electric bike riding promotes a fortified heart so you feel young and energetic. Doctors recommend cycling for elderly people with cardiovascular issues to avoid heart problems. Some patients feel pressure on their hearts due to the strenuous ride of stationary bikes. Transitioning to e-bikes seems to be a promising solution to cardiovascular rehabilitation programs.
According to a survey, bike riders in hilly areas prefer to use electronic bikes. Cutting off unnecessary strain and effort helps to maintain a healthy heart and strong body. Research reports have confirmed that e-biking lowers the risk of cardiac diseases in elderly people and they feel more confident, young, energetic, and ripped.

E-biking can boost the immunity and overall fitness
Besides muscle fiber loss, elder people also experience a gradual decline in their body immunity against infections and diseases. This natural loss of immunity is termed immunosenescence. Cycling proved to be the best sport for older individuals aged 50 to 80 as it surprisingly boosts the natural immunity of elders similar to younger adults. A study showed that the immune system of bike riders generates more immune cells than that of non-users or inactive elders.
Non-cyclists may feel reluctant to do cycling in the beginning, but the pedal-assist and throttle system of e-bikes tend to help seniors to get started on this friendly sport. e-bike users will become more immunized against various infections due to a gradual boost in immunity over time. A survey confirmed that more than 31% of riders have purchased their e-bikes to increase fitness and promote their health.

E-biking is a sport full of satisfaction and fun
Seniors spending more time on e-bikes made them feel relieved from unnecessary stress and strain over their heads. Elder people feel more confident and independent as they cover more distance in a short duration. e-biking improves the overall health of elders by offering least exertion, greater inner satisfaction, minimized pressure, and improved executive functions.
A study was conducted to find out the satisfaction ratio among e-bike riders and we got an overwhelming response as more than 98% of users added their valued experience on how e-bikes have changed their lives. The results encouraged more seniors to purchase e-bikes, ride regularly, and increase their riding time slowly.
Another survey conducted on e-bike riders showed that almost 37% of users have purchased their e-bikes for recreational purposes. Elder people are satisfied with their purchases and almost all of them (98%) reported enjoying their rides to the fullest.

Fat tire electric bicycles are the best choice for senior riders
Wondering which electric bicycle to purchase? Our e-bikes are great for elder riders. EC-12 and MB-01 are the most favored e-bikes these days. Both these bicycles have a 250w/750 W electric motor powered by a 36V/48V/15AH lithium-ion battery with the ability to cover 25-40 miles over a single charge. You can adjust your riding speed for different road sections using 10-speed drivetrain Riders can easily cruise up to 28 miles per hour by pedaling and nearly 20 miles per hour by throttle system.
Fat tires and wide saddles are the smarter choices as they ensure a smooth and comfy ride on a variety of terrains. TThe hydraulic disc brake system ensures a safe and sound ride all the way long. You are free to add front and rear baskets or storage bags for everyday use. The low frame seat pad allows the users to easily mount and dismount. You’ll love all the features once you get your hands on your eBike. The stress-free rides will make you feel younger and healthier over time.

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